Outdoor Stain Resistance PVC Wood Plastic Composite Decking Flooring

Outdoor Stain Resistance PVC Wood Plastic Composite Decking Flooring


WPC full name: woodplasticcomposite. It is a new type of composite material with high performance and high added value, which takes wood as the main raw material and is properly treated to make it and various plastics through different composite methods.

WPC decking floor  is made of 65% wood powder, 30% HDPE--High Density (Grade A), chemical additives (Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidation agent, stabilizers, colorants, Anti-fungus agent, coupling agent, reinforcing agent, lubricants etc.). All these raw materials are premixed and extruded by professional Wood-Plastic machinery with special technologies. It's a Low-carbon, Environmental protection, Recyclable new materials.
Wood-plastic composites (WPC) have excellent mechanical properties, high dimensional stability, and can be used to form complex shapes. Wood-plastic composites have found huge application space in non-structural outdoor residential decoration, and their applications in other house building materials are also constantly developing, such as door and window decorative parts, corridors, roofs, automotive decorative materials and outdoor garden and All kinds of equipment in the park, etc.

1. Good machinability.
Wood-plastic composites contain plastics and fibers. Therefore, they have similar processing properties to wood. They can be sawed, nailed and planed. It can be done with woodworking tools, and the nailing force is significantly better than other synthetic materials. Mechanical properties are better than wood. The nail force is generally three times that of wood and five times that of particleboard.
2. Good strength performance.
Wood-plastic composites contain plastics, so they have better elastic modulus. In addition, due to the inclusion of fibers and full mixing with plastics, it has the same physical and mechanical properties as hardwood, such as compression resistance, bending resistance, etc., and its durability is significantly better than ordinary wood. The surface hardness is high, usually 2 to 5 times that of wood.
3. It has the characteristics of water resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.
Compared with wood, wood-plastic materials and products have the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, no breeding of bacteria, no insects, and no fungal growth. Long service life, up to 50 years.

Product Type
Co-extrusion decking
Standard size
140*25mm, 145*25mm, 150*25mm, 140*23mm
Teak, Light Grey, Brown, Dark Brown, Redwood, Dark Grey,Smoke White, Mahogany, Amber
WPC component
35% HDPE+60% wood fiber + 5% additives
Metal accessories
Aluminum with oxidation treatment
Delivery time
About 15-20 days for one 20ft container
Pallet or bulk packing
Using property
Humid stability
More stable
Will expand after water absorption
Termite resistance
UV stability
Acid and alkali resistance
Anti-aging sun
No Need
Maintenance cost
No maintenance, low cost
High cost
Can be customized
Just wood color
Life time
More than 10 years
Need to be maintained every 1 or 2 years
Very easy

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