PVC Sheet

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To add appropriate amount plasticizer, PVC can be made into rigid, soft and transparent goods. This is soft PVC, we can supply different colors and surface for you.

Key Features and Benefits of Soft PVC sheet

•Excellent electrical insulating properties

•Moderate impact resistance and service temperature

•Fairly inexpensive

•Good dimensional stability

•Very high chemical resistance

•Very good moisture resistance

•Good for cutting

•Self extinguishing



PVC material that is to call Polyvinyl chloride, economic, wide-apply is one of max capacity of the plastics in the world. PVC is a white or light yellow powder and not stand-alone. It must be modified before using. PVC is a heat-sensitive polymer resin, with degradation during molding.


Salient Features

High transparence / High elongation at break / Optimum tensile strength to tolerate high tensions.
Consumption of high grade raw material in manufacturing process / Fire-resistant, as well as self-extinguishing
Special UV stabilizers help reduce fading or yellowing.

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