PVC Foam Board


PVC foam board is a kind of PVC(POLYvinyl chloride) as the main raw material, plus a variety of additives, through the PVC foam board equipment foaming process (skin foaming or free foaming) production of a new PVC board, also known as Snow board, Andy board. According to the different production process, PVC foam board can be divided into PVC free foam board and PVC skinning foam board.


1. Smooth surface, light texture, good toughness, uniform bubble hole, bright color, matt effect;
2. Good weather resistance, waterproof, uv resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, insulation, smouldering, sound insulation, heat preservation, shock absorption, stable performance;
3. Like wood, it can be sawed, created, nailed, riveted, glued and surface treated. At the same time, it has the characteristics of thermoplastic, plastic can be welded, hot forming, convenient for secondary processing;
4. Convenient for storage and transportation, convenient construction, long service life, recyclable, safe and environmental protection;
5. Suitable for thermal forming, heating bending and folding processing, can adopt the general welding method for welding.


Upholstery: building wall panels, decorative panels, residential, office, public space building interval, commercial decoration frame, clean room board, ceiling board, furniture board, such as kitchenware, sanitary ware, etc
Transportation industry: ship, aircraft, bus, train car, ceiling, car body core layer, interior decoration board.
Advertising: screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, display boards, sign boards
Industrial application: chemical industry anticorrosion engineering, thermal forming parts, cold storage board, special cooling engineering, environmental protection board.
Other uses: templates, sports equipment, breeding materials, coastal moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant materials, art materials and other portable partitions.

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