Rigid, lightweight, and hollow, TUBO’s acrylic tubes are also durable and long-lasting. Our tubes come in a variety of colors and sizes to meet all of your needs.

What Are Acrylic Extruded Tubes?

More impact resistant than and half the weight of glass, extruded acrylic tubes are a strong, economical replacement option for glass. It also offers greater flexibility and shatter resistance compared to glass, making acrylic a better choice where safety is a concern. Extrusion manufacturing results in tighter thickness tolerances as well as ease of forming and shaping. Some popular uses include POP displays, light fixtures, podiums, display stands and home decor. TUBO Plastics offers a wide selection of acrylic extruded clear tubes and acrylic extruded color tubes in many length, diameter and color options.

What Are Acrylic Cast Tubes?

Cast acrylic tubes, like their extruded counterparts, are lightweight and available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. They offer greater thermal stability, greater optical clarity, better chemical resistance and superior machining characteristics than extruded acrylic tubes. Due to these characteristics, cast acrylic is a popular choice for aquariums, modeling purposes, and engraving and laser applications.

Are Acrylic Tubes UV Resistant?

Acrylic tubes are naturally UV resistant without additives. However, to help extend UV protection for prolonged exposure to UV radiation, some manufacturers will add stabilizers. When using a tube that has been enhanced with UV materials, take care to preserve their longevity by treating them with care.

How to Care For and Clean Acrylic Tubes

Although our tubes are made from robust acrylic that require minimal maintenance, you should avoid using harsh chemical cleaners such as ammonia or window cleaner, as well as highly acidic cleaners like vinegar. Using these compounds may damage the acrylic and cause stress crazing. Should any adhesive or sticky substance come in contact with the surface, use ONLY products intended specifically for acrylic care and cleaning.