New environmentally friendly paper, can be made into lamps, bags, large supply

Physical characteristics are very good, with strong moisture resistance, to meet the requirements of the British standard 5609. The strength is not affected by humidity. It is composed mainly of continuous fibers and produces no debris. Light weight. Compared with ordinary cloth, only a fraction of its weight.
Good protection ability. Excellent resistance to chemical substances: chemically inert to most acids, bases and salts, good liquid blocking protection. Waterproof and breathable. Porous material with good air permeability. Because of the fine fiber, liquid water, oil, etc., can not easily penetrate; And gas and water gas can pass through, with excellent waterproof and breathable performance. Good resistance to penetration of solid particles.
The special physical structure can completely block fine mites and dust to prevent their penetration. Excellent protection against bacteria. It can be used in the packaging of sterile medical products. Low pilling. Durable and fuzz-free. High strength and excellent dimensional stability. Easy to process, because it does not absorb water, its dry and wet strength does not change.