Environmentally friendly paper made of high-density polyethylene material is used in many fields such as medical treatment and clothing

High transmittance: It has good transmittance performance, which can make the picture in the light box get clear and full display effect.
Good softness: very soft, can be bent and stretched according to the shape of the light box, can adapt to different light box production needs.
Good environmental performance: is an environmentally friendly material, does not contain lead, mercury and other harmful components, no pollution to the environment.
Good wear resistance: The surface is specially treated to have good wear resistance and is not easy to scratch or scratch.
Good temperature resistance: it has high heat resistance and can withstand high temperature within a certain range.
Versatility: Combined with the advantages of paper, film and woven fabric, it has a variety of functions such as waterproof, breathable, light weight, strong, tear resistance, puncture resistance, bacteria prevention, mite prevention, dust prevention, UV resistance and so on.