Nomex Unique materials1028D HDPE paper suitable for various types of printing

DuPont ™  Tyvek ®  Teweiqiang ®  The brand material was invented by DuPont scientists in 1955. It is a non-woven fabric material made of 100% high-density polyethylene using DuPont's patented flash evaporation spunbond process, combining the material characteristics of paper, film, and woven fabric.

In recent years, due to Tyvek ®  The unique "paper" feel and numerous excellent material properties of brand materials are increasingly favored by designers. Moreover, DuPont also collaborates with various partners on Tyvek ®  We have carried out various deep processing and development, helping designers from various fields to achieve more cutting-edge design works with creativity, novelty, and fashion. These Tyveks spread all over the world ®  Design creative products that are novel and fashionable, leading the trend of popular design and bringing countless surprises to consumers.